Our school, Kölcsey Ferenc High school, is situated in Romania in the little town of Satu Mare, which due to its geographical location and its historical background, represents a culture cross of the three nationalities living here (Romanians, Hungarians and Germans). This heritage leads to cultural diversity which puts a stamp on our school’s everyday life.
Our school is for the Hungarian minority, giving them the chance to be educated in their mother tongue and the spirit of Hungarian culture, yet placing emphasis on the surrounding Romanian culture as well.
We pride ourselves of being a successful and innovative school of the region that combines traditional with modern, focusing on the curriculum but also being open-minded, providing an education which results in students ready to meet challenges. We prepare our students for their school leaving examination and life-long learning.
We educate students from the age of 3 to 19, from kindergarten to high- level study. Our high school profile stands in teaching Mathematics, Informatics, Biology, languages (English, German and French) and social sciences. The number of our students has risen significantly in the past years, we have 1042 students to date from which 582 pupils attend high school.
Our school shows an active and pro-active attitude towards preserving and prospering both local and national cultures and traditions.
We find it of uttermost importance to get involved in activities that promote understanding and valuing other nations as well. Knowing our own roots provides a clear insight that helps our students to find their place in life. We add other moral values like tolerance, respect, self-esteem, fairness, justice, empathy, values relevant to dealing with human diversity, forming their national and European identity. This attitude is the driving force behind our actions, promoting a diverse and sustainable organizational system.
Raising awareness and promoting the value and role of cultural heritage is integrated in our curricula. We take part in foreign exchanges, partnership projects, like ACES or DSD, academic competitions, choirs, trips within and beyond the borders of Romania, drama groups, environmental projects, and so on.
While participating in these projects we strengthen self-awareness of their heritage and culture within a historical and contemporary context, to promote tolerance and understanding among different nationalities by (working) understanding differences as well as similarities, to provide opportunities for students to interact with counterparts internationally. Facilitating further pedagogic interactions, raise awareness of social diversity between and within communities.
We want to make our students to be proud of their culture but to be interested in finding out new ideas about other cultures as well. The other important aim is to compare the values and symbols of two different regions and ways of living: that of students who are living in a big city, and that of students from a little town, living in a multicultural background as members of a minority.